Sales & Services

Management Team

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is guided by a dedicated Management Team.  This team has over 200 years of combined experience in the refractory industry. They work tirelessly to guide Allied's growth, find and develop opportunities, encourage employee advancement and guarantee the continued success of Allied Mineral and our customers.

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. Sales Team

Senior Management Team

Jon R. Tabor
President and Chief Executive Officer
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 242

Douglas K. Doza
Executive Vice President
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 244

Anthony S. DiSaia
Corporate Vice President, Business Development
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 265

John S. Halsted Jr.
Corporate Vice President of Affiliated Companies and International
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 275

Paul D. Jamieson
Corporate Vice President of Steel and Domestic Foundry
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 200

Tom E. Gibson
Corporate Vice President, Strategy and Development
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 227

Bill C. Carmean
Corporate Vice President, Operations
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 241

Jim Bade
Vice President of Sales Adminstration
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 204

Todd Henry
Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Treasurer
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 203

Business Unit Managers

U.S. Foundry

Jim McMinn
Business Vice President, Domestic Foundry Sales
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 465

Frank R. Bittel
Sr. Business Manager Foundry and Project Development
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 258

International Sales

Steve L. Roe
Business Vice President, International
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 256

William M. Opatt
International Business Manager Mexico, Japan, South Africa
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 226

Charles A. Essman
International Business Manager India, Brazil
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 215

Scott G. McLean
Business Manager International Asia / South East Asia
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 818

U.S. Aluminum

Brett M. Spychalski
Matrix Sales Manager
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 294

Steel & Iron Making

Paul D. Jamieson
Corporate Vice President of Steel and Domestic Foundry
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 200

U.S Heat Treating and Forging

Mark K. Rowland
Business Manager, Heat Treating, Forge and Related Products
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 202

U.S. Industrial

Pat Anderson
Industrial Sales Manager 
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 824

American Precast Refractories

Brad McCorkle
APR Sales Manager 
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 801

Customer Service

Emily Williams
Manager, Customer Services 
+1-614-876-0244 ext. 273

International Affiliates

Ashley V. Read
Managing Director: Allied Mineral Products South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
+27-11-902-2900 ext. 2901

Koos Heijboer
Managing Director: Allied Mineral Products Europe B.V.

Ben Ge
General Manager: Allied Mineral Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.

Brian Huang
General Manager: Allied Mineral Products (Foshan) Co., Ltd.

Bhuwan Vashishtha
Managing Director: Allied Refractory Products India Private Ltd.