Refractory Products

Leading edge refractory technology drives Allied’s product development.

New products with the latest technology are continually introduced and Allied also understands the need for value added, cost effective products. With over 1200 products to choose from Allied can provide products that meets your refractory needs and budget.  

Product Solutions

Castable Refractories  

A complete range of cost effective, easy to install products that offer high mechanical strength and  refractoriness.

Dry Vibratables

The highest quality moisture-free refractories available in the industry. 

Wet Rammables

An assortment of moisture containing refractories installed by conventional wet ramming techniques. 


Precast Refractory Shapes

A complete range of engineered, precast prefired shapes manufactured with Allied’s refractory materials.


Fine grained, alumina and silica based refractory mortars for bonding alumina brick. Available with either heat set or air set bonding systems.

Gunning Materials

High density, refractory mixes  that provide easy and fast installation. 


Phosphate bonded, alumina based plastics and plasters available in various chemical compositions. 




Installation Equipment


Minro Stir Pro Nozzles



Minro Stir Pro Flo Kits


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