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Allied Mineral Products는 내화재를 개발 제조하는 세계적 선도기업입니다.


Allied Mineral Products는 지난 50여년간 제품과 서비스로 고객을 찾아가는 서비스를 시행하고 있으며 범 세계적으로 그 서비스를 확대하고 있습니다.  또한 세계 도처에 생산시설을 확충하고 고객의 요구에 부응하고자 노력하고 있습니다.

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Heat Treating & Forging




American Precast Refractories uses innovative technology to create unique precast shapes that will withstand harsh temperature changes.

APR has access to expert recommendations, unique technological applications such as the CAD program and access to Allied’s vast product lines. 

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American Precast Refractories and Allied Mineral Products, Inc. work together closely to enhance furnace productivity and reduce downtime through innovations in engineering and product design.

APR offers a complete line of specialized precast, prefired refractory shapes for the steel industry...

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We offer a complete line of shapes utilized in molten aluminum applications.

In 2010, Allied Mineral Products, Inc. and Pyrotek joined efforts to better serve the aluminum industry with precast shape solutions.

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American Precast Refractories, a division of Allied Mineral Products, Inc., understands the need for dependable and durable products.

Working with Allied’s Research and Technology department, it developed the ultimate ceramic composite - METAL-ROK®. METAL-ROK shapes can withstand a wide variety of very destructive, high temperature environments...

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Heat Treating & Forging

American Precast Refractories has direct access to Allied’s various monolithic refractories designed for heat treating furnaces.

The resources available to APR enable it to provide quality  and innovative precast shapes to their customers. APR offers a complete line of shapes...

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Microporous Insulation



Minro Stir Pro Nozzles

Based on patent pending technology, MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES, are used to diffuse inert gas into the molten metal bath of a coreless furnace.


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Minro Stir Pro Flo Kits

A MINRO STIR PRO FLO KIT is available to help ensure accurate and consistent delivery of the inert gas to the furnace. It is specifically designed to work with Allied’s line of  MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES.

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Stopper Rods & Nozzles

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. offers an assortment of graphitic nozzles and stopper rods ideal for molten metal transfer for tundishes or continuous casting molds.



Technical Services



Research & Technology



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