Industrial Boilers
Pulp & Paper

Allied Mineral Products, Inc. is dedicated to the continous development of refractory technology.

This commitment shows in our ability to provide refractory solutions to customers in the Industrial Boilers and Pulp and Paper Market using innovative product development, product selection, installation and service.

Allied offers the following  product solutions:


High strength, low cement castable ideal for applications in the industrial boiler and pulp and paper industry. The FAST-TURN product line is uniquely designed to heat-up at a higher rate than normal castables.  


The Tuffcrete line of refractory products is a series of low-cement castables specially designed for shotcreting, pumping and vibration-cast installation or self-leveling behind forms. Tuffcrete provides ease of installation, good abrasion resistance, low porosity and high strength.



Technologically advanced products manufactured to customers specifications. Available in phos bonded or air set bonded alumina compositions.  Easy installations, flexible dry-out, excellent strength and abrasion resistance.

Gunning Materials:

Lightweight and high density refractory gun mixes that provide fast and easy repair with low rebound upon installation.

Precast Shapes:

A complete range of engineered, precast shapes.  Benefits include:

  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Reduced Heat-up Time
  • Labor Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Prefired and Ready to Install
  • Improved Performance