Ore Processing 

Allied’s complete line of monolithic shotcrete, gunning products and precast, prefired refractory shapes allows for minimal construction shutdown time, fast start-ups and proven performance.

Allied design focus for monolithics include high strength, abrasion resistant, low rebound materials that are consistent and dependable with the contractor in mind.

Allied products are engineered and designed for maximum performance and precision installation.

Products for this application include:

  • TUFFCRETE®  - Diverse shotcrete products
  • TUFF-FLO – Full line of pumpable and self-flow cast products
  • ARMORGUN®  - Low cement gunning products
  • GUNCAST® - Conventional gunning products
  • Precast shapes - Prefired refractory shapes in a variety of alumina and silicon carbide compositions
  • METAL-ROK ® - Precast, super reinforced, prefired refractory shapes where abrasion impact meet the challenge of the ore process.

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