Heat Treating & Forging 

Allied Mineral Products, develops, manufactures and ships quality refractory products for the Heat Treating and Forging industry, worldwide.

Allied’s global presence, dedicated sales and technical staff and state of the art research facility enables  Allied to service the need of every customer. Contact us today to learn what Allied can do for you.

Precast Shape Capabilities:

Product Ingenuity:


Dry refractory products with ceramic bonds that provide a self healing working hearth that can be repaired easily.



Strong, highly flowable castable with excellent resistance to abrasion and alkali attack.  Able to install by shotcrete, pump or vibration cast.



Low cement product designed specifically to be cast in place. It also can be installed by pump and vibration cast.


Precast Shapes

Pier blocks, curbs, panel decking, burner blocks and skid rails manufactured with Allied’s refractory materials designed specifically for the application.


Plastics, Plasters and Seals

Phosphate bonded and air set refractory alumina   compositions for multiple uses.



High strength, low iron products suitable for abrasive and reducing environments.

Research and Technology:

The Allied research team understands issues faced in the field by this industry and has addressed them by developing products with the following characteristics:

  • Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Resistance to Mechanical Wear
  • Superior Cold Crushing Strength  

Heat Treating & Forging Solutions


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