Pressure Pour Furnaces

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Uppercase Working Lining

Dry Vibratables

DRI-VIBE® - Moisture free, heat setting, dry vibratable refractories designed for upper sidewalls, throats and floors. Many compositions are available utilizing alumina, chrome oxide and silicon carbide aggregates for most types of channel induction furnace applications.

Ultra-Low Cement Castables

V-CAST® - Low moisture, ultra-low cement, fused alumina-based castable designed for lining uppercase sidewalls, spouts, receivers, throats and floors.

Low Cement Castables

L-CAST® - High strength, low-cement castables available in a wide range of alumina compositions.  Includes easy flow and rapid fire technology for  improved installation  and dry-out properties. 

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A complete range of cost effective, easy to install products that offer high mechanical strength and  refractoriness.

Plastics / Plasters

Available in phosphate or air set bonded alumina compositions.  Easy installations, flexible dry-out, excellent strength and abrasion resistance.

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Precast Shapes

A complete range of engineered, precast shapes.  Benefits include:

  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Reduced Heat-up Time
  • Labor Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Prefired and Ready to Install
  • Improved Performance
  • Product Evaluation Flexibility
Precast Shape Products


Dry Vibratables

DRI-VIBE® - Moisture free, heat setting, dry vibratable refractories designed for inductors. Available in alumina and magnesia based spinel forming compositions.

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Loop Forms

Cast steel loop forms for most inductor designs. Each loop is normalized and undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing prior to shipment. Available in locations globally.


Allied’s Electric Vibration System utilizes patented technology designed to eliminate air pressure and air quality problems experienced when operating pneumatic or air piston vibrators. It can be used to install linings in coreless furnaces and inductors. Benefits include:

  • Consistent Refractory Installations
  • Versatile
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • Labor Savings
  • Less Total Dust
  • Country Specific Voltages
Installation Equipment Products

Related Materials

Related Products:

  • STOPPER RODS and Nozzles
  • Ground Wires
  • Thermocouples
  • Vibrators and Installation Equipment
  • Patented (EVS) Electric Vibration System
  • High temperature rope and gasket material
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Gunning / Repairs / Maintenance


High density, non-wetting refractory mixes that provide fast and easy repairs.


Advanced pneumatic placement techniques for low cement castables. Rapid, formless installation for reduced downtime and costs.


Wide variety of products for every type of refractory maintenance repairs.

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Low Cement Castables

High strength, low-cement castables available in a wide range of alumina compositions. Available with metallic fibers for additional toughness and thermal shock resistance.

Conventional Castables

High cement containing, easy to mix and to install castables. Available in a wide range of alumina compositions. 

Lightweight Castables

Select group of high purity, insulating materials designed for energy savings.

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