Allied designs and manufactures the most complete line of monolithic refractory products for Ladles.

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Floor / Sidewalls Ladle Coatings Maintenance Materials Floor / Coatings Ladle Coatings

Floor / Sidewall


A complete range of cost effective, easy to install products that offer high mechanical strength and refractoriness.


Moisture free, heat setting, dry vibratable refractories for rapid, cost effective installation and sintering. Many high strength compositions are available utilizing alumina-based compositions.

Plastics / Plasters

Available in phosphate or air set bonded alumina compositions.  Easy installations, flexible dry-out, excellent strength and abrasion resistance. 

Vibratable Plastics 

Phosphate bonded alumina-based refractories installed with standard vibration techniques. 

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Ladle Coatings and Maintenance

Plastics / Plasters / Washes

Available in phosphate or air set bonded alumina and zircon compositions.  These products provide easy installations, flexible dry-out, and non-wetting properties.

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