(Gas Purging Nozzles)

Based on patent pending technology, MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES, are used to diffuse inert gas into the molten metal bath of a coreless furnace.

Field Experiences:

  • Decreases dissolved gases in the metal.
  • Increases cleanliness of the metal.
  • Improves metal density.
  • Decreases scrap castings.
  • Less grinding and cutoffs required during finishing process.
  • Reduces oxidation of molten metal bath in an air-melt coreless  by providing a “blanket” of inert gas on top of  the bath during bubbling.
  • Users include both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.


MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES bring the advantages of inert gas stirring  of molten metals to the coreless induction furnace and foundries. MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLES come in many sizes to fit a range of coreless furnaces. Several types of nozzles are available:

  • The original MINRO STIR PRO CAST NOZZLE – Durable stainless steel-can design allows for use  over multiple campaigns.
  • The new MINRO STIR PRO NOZZLE – An all ceramic design. Useful for applications where high temperature or possible magnetic coupling is present.
  • The new MINRO STIR PRO MINI NOZZLE – Features a small cross section for use in 500lb or smaller furnaces.

*For more information on our complete line of coreless nozzles, please click here.

MINRO STIR PRO FLO KITs (Gas Purging Hardware) are also available!!

Allied also offers FLO Kits which include everything you need to ensure accurate and consistent delivery of the inert gas to the furnace.

For more information please click on the link MINRO STIR PRO FLO KITs (Gas Purging Hardware Kits)