Cupola Technology

“Being there for our customers with refractory solutions.”

This is more than a slogan at Allied Mineral Products Inc., it is how we do business. We are dedicated to service, problem solving and producing consistent, quality products. Extensive field experience and our complete cupola product line gives Allied the following advantages in the cupola market.

Engineered Solutions

Allied’s technical and engineering support team analyze each cupola system and work with individual customers to create a unique, customized refractory system for every cupola.

On Time Product Delivery. Every Time.

As part of Allied’s belief in “being there with refractory solutions,” we provide customers with the products they need when they need them.

Data Based Approach

Allied’s vision for the cupola market is to create a refractory system that increases energy efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. We gather detailed data about a cupola’s operating process, review our analysis of the data with the customer and propose a refractory system that improves melt shop efficiency.