Ladles & Metal Transfer

Allied offers the most advanced monolithic refractories for safety linings in iron, steel, copper, aluminum and zinc ladles.

LADLE VIBE®, DRI-VIBE®, and our patented insulating dry vibratable, LADLE-LITE® 123A set the standard for safety.  T-COAT®, QUICK CAST®, STEEL PAK and other maintenance products allow for cost effective repairs.  Precast shapes include spouts, runners, ladle bottoms, structural components and many others.  TUFFLOOR is a proven alternative for flooring under ladle preheat stations, furnace spouts, and other areas that have intermittent heat, slag or molten metal splash.

For more information on a specific metal alloy, click on the bullet points below or contact our sales representatives directly.

Allied offers refractory solutions for the following metal alloys: